Today’s Word of the Day is Supernumerary Mamma!

You’ve heard about extra nipples, but did you know that sometimes those extra nipples can actually lactate? When a person has an extra lactating gland, it’s called a supernumerary mamma, or accessory breast. Supernumerary mammas can grow anywhere on the body: the chest, stomach, legs, hands, feet, wherever! Forget Super Nanny—this is more like super parent.

supernumerary mamma accessory breast breast feeding nipples The CSPH Word of the Day

Today’s Word of the Day is Orgynize!

To organize an orgy.

So, you have some sex positive friends who seem DTF. Obviously, you want to romp with them all at once - but orgies are hard to plan! Who’s coming? Does everyone know everyone? Where will we fuck? When was everyone last tested? Do we want an orgy ice breaker? Should we order pizza? Important questions. Often it’s useful to designate one person as the orgynizer to get things done. Just remember to be grateful to the orgynizer during your group fondling—maybe a couple of extra smooches?

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Today’s Word of the Day is Candaulism!

If you like to watch your lover getting it on with another, you might be experiencing candaulism. Candaulism refers to the arousal one might feel when watching their own partner engage sexually with someone else. Candaulism is a heady mix of gender-neutral cuckoldry and voyeurism, but is a dish best served with consent and communication from all parties involved. Toying with candaulism can become quite complicated if boundaries aren’t established first, but can be incredibly hot for everyone involved. Candaulism is not a threesome, but rather a spectator sport. So light a few candles, lean back, and enjoy the candaulistic view as your partner goes to town on that new bedroom visitor.

candaulism voyeurism sex the csph word of the day

Today’s Word of the Day is Porn Elbow!

Though you might have heard of its (only slightly) more athletic buddy, tennis elbow, porn elbow is just as dignified and probably a lot more fun to acquire. It’s the condition all too familiar with the marathon masturbators of the world. Those who diddle themselves diligently might experience that sweet soreness in the elbow, depending on how vigorous their vinegar strokes are. Porn need not always be used for a solo sexy session, but usually when there’s a sore elbow due to dicking around, (large amounts of) erotic materials were used. (The imagination can only run wild for so long..) Make sure you give that arm lots of resting time between sessions. Just like your star athlete (your crotch, obviously), it needs some TLC too. So try getting up and going outside for a little while? After that, you can always try your other arm. Everyone appreciates a multipurpose player.

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Today’s Word of the Day is Cuddling Professional!

Recently, greedy entrepreneurs have been trying to sell the most precious thing of all: cuddling.  That’s like trying to sell Christmas! Just kidding, in reality their idea is totally understandable and even compassionate.  If you are feeling sad or distant and want to be held, you can now contact a trained, certified, cuddling professional!  This may not be sex work, but cuddle professionals still need to be careful.  They usually interview their clients beforehand and make boundaries explicit.  Although some might object that everything in our culture is now being given a price tag, we should remember those lonely nights we find ourselves aching for purely platonic physical contact.  Cuddling makes the world just a little bit nicer, so if you find yourself without a snuggle buddy, keep in mind these certified cuddle bunnies!

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Today’s Word of the Day is Chasmophilia!

: If you felt weak in the knees during your family vacation to the Grand Canyon, you’re not alone, but if you’re a chasmophile, that weakness was for an entirely different reason. Chasmophilia is sexual arousal from crevices, caverns, and valleys. If you like sunken-in spaces and tight-knit turns, this might sound familiar. Those with chasmophilia can feel especially randy in particular places with notable geography. To satisfy this need in your very own home, try to spend some time in a sunken living room or a crawlspace. Just be careful where you step!

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Today’s Word of the Day is Menstrual Cup!

Not a “you must drink the blood of this coven” kind of cup, but a tiny silicone cup that collects menstrual fluid during a person’s period! Menstrual cups are placed inside of the vaginal canal, and they collect fluids rather than absorbing them. Some are disposable, but many brands make versions that are reusable! “Oh, that’s so unhygienic!” Actually, it doesn’t have to be. Like most things, how clean something is depends on the person who is using it and their behaviors. The first few times using one can be a bit awkward and messy, but once you get used to them, it’s a breeze. Reusable cups must be cleaned with unscented soap and hot water in between insertions, while disposable cups should be thrown away as per package instructions. Unlike tampons, menstrual cups are not associated with Toxic Shock Syndrome. Some brands even manufacture cups of such high-grade silicone that they can be reused for up to thirty years. Cups come in different sizes, colors, and styles, so you get to choose one just for you and your body! 

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Today’s Word of the Day is Compersion

Though it sounds like a term straight out of chemistry class, compersion is a lot sweeter than anything you might have been taught from a textbook. Usually referring to a feeling recognized in open or poly-relationships, compersion is the feeling of happiness when a partner feels joy from another romantic or sexual relationship. If you thrill when your partner comes home with a smile on their face and a sexy story on their lips, you’re feeling compersion. It’s considered the very opposite of jealousy. If seeing your partner feel fluttered with someone else gives you your own butterflies, compersion should be your new favorite word.

compersion poly polyamory relationships The CSPH Word of the Day

Today’s Word of the Day is Paraben!

Have you ever seen this word written on your mascara tubes or bottles of lube? Parabens are chemical compounds that are added to cosmetic and pharmaceutical products to prevent bacterial growth or to act as a preservative. “Cool, so my lube won’t have bacteria in it!” Not so fast. Parabens do help prevent bacterial and fungal growth, but studies imply that they may also increase skin cell aging, mimic estrogen production, and irritate those with sensitive skin. Don’t despair! While most drugstore lubricants have parabens (and glycerins) in them, it is possible to find affordable products that don’t include the compound. Some paraben-free brands to keep an eye out for are Sliquid, Yes, Überlube, and One.

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Today’s Word of the Day is Adult Buffet!

A sizzler by any other name… would be an adult buffet. Unlike the more typical buffets, this one won’t leave you with an overfull belly (though you might still have to unbutton your pants). Adult buffet is a term commonly used in the swinging community, referring to a joining of consenting adults (for the purpose of getting busy) where everyone is free to engage sexually with anyone else. They say variety is the spice of life, and if so, the adult buffet is a sexual smorgasbord. You can get up (and go down) as many times as you’d like, and just like buffets you might be used to, this one is also all you can eat. Before filling out your meal card, it’s a good idea to communicate about boundaries and STIs, as well as have a consensus on safer sex. Planning to attend an adult buffet? Make sure you’re comfortable with all the people involved and try to bring a full appetite; there’s no doggy bags allowed.

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Today’s Word of the Day is Squish!

A wee bit softer than a crush, a squish refers to someone whom you feel an intense emotional bond with in a completely platonic way. “Squish” is sometimes used in the asexual community as a way of describing a non-sexual or romantic crush. Squishing is sometimes associated with having a “friend crush,” but beyond being “just friends,” squishing on someone means that you feel a desire to form a strong bond with that person. Squishing is accompanied by feelings of happiness, admiration, and affection for your squish.

A: Sam is super duper. I really want to be friends with them and for them to like me!
B: You know that they have a girlfriend, right?

A: Duh! It’s not like that. I just want to, like, tell them how awesome they are and then eat burritos together or something. All the time.

B: Oookay.

Know these feelings all too well? Tell your squish about it! You might even get a regular cuddle bud out of the deal.

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Today’s Word of the Day is Psychrophilia!

Do you love this time of year? Like, really love it? If it’s not the holidays but the lowering temperatures that get your blood pumping this season, you might be a psychrophile. Psychrophilia is arousal from being cold. Psychrophiles get charmed from being chilly. To feel aflutter while freezing, skip the scarf and turn down your heat. If goosebumps get you going and you find yourself fiending to be frigid, get on top of the blanket and have some fun. Just be sure to take it slow; you wouldn’t want to get too hot.

autumn psychrophilia cold chilly goosebumps The CSPH Word of the Day

Today’s Word of the Day is Crystallophilia!

Do you get rock hard thinking about diamonds and crystal chandeliers? Crystallophilia is the sexual desire for or arousal by crystals or glass! We understand why: sparkly things are just so…sparkly. Luckily, you don’t need to hang outside of a Tiffany & Co. to get your rocks off. Crystal Delights makes high-quality glass sex toys—dildos, butt plugs, and even pony tails! And don’t worry about breakage—these are made to stand-up to even the clumsiest of hands. They also run significantly lower in cost than other crystalline things. Just think—you can slide one in and welcome your honey home with something sparkly and fun—or, use it during solo play! The possibilities are endless.

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Today’s Word of the Day is Tumescence!

Though it sounds like something from astronomy class, tumescence actually refers to the state of being swollen or engorged. It’s pretty, isn’t it? Vascular congestion, or the erectile tissues’ engorgement with blood, is the experience of tumescence. In vulva-owners, this results in a clitoral erection, while it results in a penile erection in penis-owners. Tumescence may mark sexual excitation, but does not necessarily indicate readiness or desire for sex. (The only thing that can is verbal consent, y’all.) If touching gets you titillated, you can sound a little fancier next time and tell your partner they make you quite tumescent.

erection clitoris penis tumescence The CSPH Word of the Day

Today’s Word of the Day is Acerophilia!

Do you get your sweet ‘n sour fix by sucking on Sour Patch Kids all day long? You might be an acerophile! Acerophilia is the attraction or sexual desire for sour things! While keep some sour candies in your pocket can help kick your craving, you can also implement flavored lubricants and barrier methods into your sexual play. These things might taste awesome, but beware! Many flavored products are sweetened with glycerin, which might trigger yeast infections or irritations in those who are prone to them, so these lubes should only be used for oral sex or external application. Your mother may have told you that no one likes a sour puss, but we say layer it on. Safely, of course!


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